Amos Sweets is the leader of seasonal sweets and candy, with an array of product types from gummy candy and mints to dried fruit and snacks. 

Their products are sold worldwide, with their pioneering 4D Gummy brand leading the way. 

SupplyR LTD are official distributors for 4D Gummy sweets.

Cup Tea™

Cup Tea™ is an exciting and great tasting disposable tea cup that uses patented chemical free technology to integrate loose tea leaves within the cup – you just add hot water to give you great tasting tea and off you go.

Our product uses only food grade materials that are 100% degradable and environmentally friendly.  Using high quality and rich tasting tea grown and produced from the highest mountains of China.  Cup Tea™ has the perfect dosage of tea leaves to provide the right level of taste in every cup.

Cup Tea™ allows the consumer to re-use the cup up to 3 times.  You have to try it to believe it.

Cup Tea™ is innovative, convenient, eco-friendly and adaptable to each brands needs.